Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ben-Hur studies

In an attempt to make this more interesting , I am now going to explain some of the observations I am making while studying the shots from Ben-Hur. I definitely encourage feedback and/or input from any one taking the time to read these entries on my blog.
I have drawn these as thumb nails as opposed to screen grabs, in order to exercise my problem solving while sketching the shot. In order to practice little techniques for drawing cinematography, lighting and staging of actors and objects in the shot. I am posting the previous thumbnails to finish talking about the shot, so I can move on to new thumbnails.

The shots are a continue to build up the vast size of the Roman Empire through a succession of shots. The use of deep space within the shots are used as a tool to help support the armies size. As the shots proceed, we as an audience are being drawn in closer to the shots by the order of the shots. These shots were all outside, so there is less control of the lighting for these shots versus a stage environment.
The last thumbnail represents a panning shot with the horse being used a wipe for the shot in a way (very clever).
These shots do not get into the meat of the story, as we as a viewer are still being acclimated into the world.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I love this packaging design

I really dig this packaging design for the box cover art and Logo for these games. I am a big Night of the Living Dead/Dawn of the Dead fan. This design captured the essence of the two films. The shape of the fingers lead right into the logo, the color contrast directs my eye right to the hand, and right up to the fingers. Great use of Repetition with variation. Personally I would love to meet the designer/designers responsible for this designs. Great job!!!

A couple of Quick sketches

These are a bunch of quick sketches I complied together from standing on line to sitting drinking coffee and reading, taking a the time to capture some real life. I am trying to maintain a level of consistency,while trying to experiment with graphic results from the various lines put down.
As I make time to scan more sketches into photoshop, I will post more observational sketches.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Website

I have published my website, although alot of it is under construction, but it's up finally

Click the Website link on the sidebar for viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cg pics

Here are some pics for little project I have been trying to finish on the side. It started as a assignment I wanted to finish, but I have to split duties between other things, all of which take up a massive amount of time.